The story of Belle Mont Farm and Kittitian Hill begins with a single idea – creating a new destination unlike any existing ‘sustainable hotel’ that would bring people together to form a community that benefits both locals and visitors alike. Life is simple here – there’s no rush, no fuss, no hassle, just time and space to really relax and lose yourself in the energizing atmosphere of authenticity and engagement.

We want to invite people from across the globe to experience the real West Indies in a place created from an entirely new way of thinking. At Belle Mont Farm, we offer an opportunity to become part of something truly special. An important part of our vision includes a thriving village of artists and artisans that will open up new avenues of expression and foster the exchange of ideas through film, spoken and written word, music and visual arts festivals.

“My vision is to bring together community and culture, mindful conservation of natural resources, along with rewarding activities and learning opportunities,” says founder Val Kempadoo. “This means we can offer an unforgettable experience, while bringing lasting, life-changing benefits to the local people and economy.”

From our farm-fresh cuisine and long treks through the forest, Belle Mont Farm invites you to experience an island escape unlike any you would encounter at typical Caribbean resorts, one where you can discover your best self while in harmony with the natural surroundings and the people who call this place home.

Belle Mont Farm, St Kitts’ Eco-Luxury Destination