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Even the golf course at Kittitian Hill embodies our vision of sustainability. Unique among golf courses in the Caribbean, Irie Fields will make you think differently about your game. Designed by Ian Woosnam, every hole of this 9-hole course offers spectacular views across the sea to the islands of St. Barths and St. Martin and more shades of green than you can imagine on the slopes of Mount Liamuiga. The name –‘irie’ means to be at peace and harmony with yourself and where you are, which becomes abundantly clear as you make the most of the natural obstacles along the way.

We have sought to make our course environmentally accountable and sustainable by reducing water consumption and chemical use. The difference here is that the boundaries blur between the course and the farm. Here you’ll find native grasses, trees and the smart water management serves to reduce the course’s environmental impact while providing a challenging and memorable golf experience.

The resort recognizes the natural beauty of the coastal setting, embraces its value, and provides maintenance under a “less is better” (fertilizing, mowing, watering) policy. In fact, we believe our golfers understand that the course does not need to look perfect to provide great playability.