Nestled high up the mountain, in our organic Caribbean resort, The Great House affords panoramic scenes of long lush terraces stepping downward to the azure pool; the tropical canopy beyond melting into a glittering distant seascape, dotted with palm-peaked islets. Within our Great House you will find The Kitchen, your main venue for relaxed dining, providing everything one would expect from a leading sustainable resort. 

While the pristine views of lush green mountain slopes and emerald ocean below are certainly breathtaking, these vistas also reveal the secret of Belle Mont Farm’s scrumptious meals: nature’s seasonal pantry from which we harvest some of the finest local selections. In accordance with our philosophy of providing delicious, world-class cuisine coupled with responsible stewardship of our shared natural resources, we choose only the purest raw ingredients from sustainable regional stocks.

This opportunistic approach yields a variety of the freshest juices from just-picked fruits at the peak of ripeness; an array of catch-of-the-day seafood, free-range proteins and of course, sumptuous vegetables from several organic farms in St. Kitts. To accompany the mouthwatering dishes crafted from these quality ingredients, we partner with artisanal vineyards who specialize in providing perfect organic pairings. The result: a stirring culinary experience that delights the imagination as well as the palate, feeds the soul in addition to the body, and sustains the environment along with your health.   

Get a glimpse of the delicious breakfast and dinner options before your stay with our breakfast and dinner menus*.

Breakfast is offered daily from 7am-10am
Dinner is offered daily from 6pm-9pm
Reservations are required for non-guests.
Price – Menus are all a la carte ** 

See menus below

To learn more details, please reach out to our Guest Services directly.

*Menus subject to change
**For guests enjoying the all-inclusive meal plan, all meals are available for entire party. (This pertains to all three dining facilities: The Kitchen, the Pool Bar, and Arthur’s)

Room Service is available from 7am to 10pm.

Breakfast Menu
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Dinner Menu
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