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Memorable five star Caribbean Vacations at Belle Mont Farm

While the lush beauty of St. Kitts draws numerous visitors to the island year-round, Belle Mont Farm welcomes you to experience Caribbean vacations that offer more than just a relaxing island escape. With direct flights from London, New York, Miami, Atlanta and Puerto Rico, our sustainable Caribbean hotel is easy to reach; however it’s the personal journey you embark upon during your stay that is the heart of our island community.

In addition to adventurous activities, and fresh, sustainable dining, you will become immersed in the rich culture of our island as you connect with the locals who live and work here, as well as guests from the four corners of the globe. From the fresh fruits and vegetables grown on our 400-acre organic farm, every aspect of Kittitian Hill is designed to support our vision of community and sustainability. Discover the essence of St. Kitts at a destination that places you in harmony with both the people and the land itself.

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